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Jason C. on Niagen

Niagen - To me, this is a wonder supplement. A few days after I started taking it, I just felt GOOD! Sustained energy levels throughout my day, and an overall healthy and alert feeling.

It helps me at work, and it helps me stay fresh and energized throughout the day and night. As a busy professional working 12 hour days, then trying to put in a good workout and have energy for my kids and family at the end of the day, this stuff is great.

The best part is, I have had a genetic predisposition for high cholesterol. Diet and exercise are not enough for me, and I am forced to take a statin to control it. When I added this to my regimen, I ended up having the best blood work I can remember after 2 bottles (along with proper workouts and nutrition). My cholesterol dropped from over 200 to 133 and allowed me to cut down on the dosage of statin I need to control my cholesterol.

I know that this product helped me achieve that goal.

Scott M. on Niagen

It's been 2 weeks and I can feel the effects. I have more energy and am more focused at work. Definitely recommend and will be continuing to purchase in future!